Quick Makeup Hacks For Last-Minute Mess

Makeup is not about a few steps. But to create a stunning eye-catchy look, you should know last-minute agile hacks which are even followed by celebs.   

Whether you are a makeup perfectionist or not, you must be aware of crafty hacks to evade a messy look. Don’t miss out these wondrous smart hacks on how to use your favorite brands to enjoy the flawless beauty- 

a) Your glitter nail polish is troubling you – 

Hack 1:  Take a small amount of cotton dip into nail polish remover and tie it on the nail with a small elastic rubber band. Leave this for 2-3 minutes and wipe.

Hack 2: Do you remember in childhood we use to take glue and apply it on the palm? Just like that, pick up the glue again, and apply it on the nail before glitter nail polish application. With this, you can easily peel off nail polish when you want to.

b) Want wider eyes?

Hack 1: Take white eyeliner and apply a stroke of liner on the eye waterline.

Hack 2: Apply a single coat of your favorite mascara and then take a translucent powder. Dab it on lashes in a small amount and apply another layer of mascara. It will give a fuller and wider eye look and also save mascara.

To know more about such makeup hacks for eye and nail, stay tuned with us for the second part. Visit us today at Vaibhav Stores. Our range of cosmetic products provides a natural glow on your skin. Being the top supplier of cosmetics range we believe in providing the best salon products and makeup hacks to all the beauty experts. 

Source: https://www.vaibhavstores.in/

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