Quick Makeup Hacks For Last-Minute Mess (Part -2 )

We are back with the part-2 of last-minute makeup hacks. We hope the hacks mentioned in the previous blog helped you in a way to enhance your look. In case you have missed on part one check the link.  

Further move on, let’s discuss a few more makeup hacks to embrace your natural beauty –

1) How to apply perfume in the right way? 

a) Smell like divine – to make it long-lasting here, is a trick – apply it inside the wrist on the pulse point, behind the ear, inside the elbow, and endpoint of your neck.

b) Scent smell should be pleasing and not too strong to trouble others. 

2) Lip look hack – 

a) Highlight your cupid bow after applying lipstick to highlight your lip color. 

b) Apply a nude lip liner to create an appearance of fuller lips. 

c) Place tissue paper on your lips, and apply a hint of translucent powder. After this, take your favorite lipstick and pop your lips for the day. 

3) Ran out of mascara – Here is the hack for you

a) Take the saline solution and add it to your mascara. This way, you will be able to restore the moisture of mascara.

4) Set your brows flawlessly

a) Recognize your brow shape first, which goes with your face feature.

b) Use brow gel for fuller brows

c) Use brow blender for soft looking brows

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