Must-Have Massage Beds For Your Salon

One of the most important pieces at a salon is the massage bed. After all, people do go for a massage to relax and so the massage bed should also be comfortable for a customer. Take a look at the following must-have massage beds one should definitely consider: Angadh Spa Massage Bed This is aContinue reading “Must-Have Massage Beds For Your Salon”

Best Fragrances For Men

A nice fragrance is an excellent way to bring your whole outfit together, like the finishing touch to a pair of superb shoes or a piece of designer cufflinks. Many men feel more comfortable when they look good, and that self-assurance comes across in more ways than one.  However, wearing the perfect cologne is anContinue reading “Best Fragrances For Men”

Beauty Salon Products At Vaibhav Stores

Every salon needs to attract clients with its quality services. But the products play an equally essential role in making the clients come back. What Salon Products Could Be Found At Vaibhav Stores? Waxing kits, bridal makeup kits, nail art kits, and manicure and pedicure kits are just some of the most popular products onContinue reading “Beauty Salon Products At Vaibhav Stores”

Are Hairstyling Tools Really An Investment?

Why are hairstyling tools important? Hair is an important part of looking your best. They help in making a great first impression and there’s a hair styling tool for every style. From hair crimpers tools that create just the right wave to blow dryers that infuse shine into every strand, there are plenty of electricalContinue reading “Are Hairstyling Tools Really An Investment?”

Your Guide To Choose The Best Salon Trolleys

Choosing the right salon trolley can be challenging since there is so much variety to choose from. Considering your needs and limitations in terms of size, budget, style, and storage will help you narrow down your options when buying a new salon trolley.  If you want an understanding of what options you have available beforeContinue reading “Your Guide To Choose The Best Salon Trolleys”

Makeup Brushes Which Are A Must-Have

Most of us just grab a brush and apply makeup. While that can work, it doesn’t always give you the flawless look you want. There are some makeup brushes that every makeup lover must own to get that perfect look. Here are some of the makeup brushes you need to hold true to your nextContinue reading “Makeup Brushes Which Are A Must-Have”

Your Guide For Perfectly Sculpted Eyebrow Shapes

Every face has its own unique characteristics like the perfect eyebrow shapes that make it beautiful in its own way. It’s important to remember that before you decide to trim, shape, and fill your eyebrows, you should do some research on the perfect eyebrow shape for your specific face. There are 5 common types ofContinue reading “Your Guide For Perfectly Sculpted Eyebrow Shapes”

Salon Furniture Brands At Vaibhav Stores

Vaibhav Stores is a known salon furniture supplier and authorized distributor in Bangalore, Karnataka. With us, you can find a number of top brands that provide not only comfortable seatings on a piece of salon chair but are also equipped with a few adjustments to make the treatment hassle-free. Here are a few brands thatContinue reading “Salon Furniture Brands At Vaibhav Stores”

Is It Time to Replace Your Beauty Products Or Tools?

One of the most important things in your beauty routine is to take care of your skin. This means you need good beauty products or tools if you’re on the hunt for something to use in conjunction with a hygiene technique.  But one has to be careful not to go using tools that are tooContinue reading “Is It Time to Replace Your Beauty Products Or Tools?”

Prevent Hair Color Fading Easily With These Simple Tips

It’s a common issue nowadays that hair color treatments don’t last for long. And hair color fading is also one of the many concerns that come along with this treatment, normally starting at the 6-month mark. Many people are experiencing this problem right now, and we would like to help you slow down the process! Continue reading “Prevent Hair Color Fading Easily With These Simple Tips”

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