Does Your Salon Need A Nail Art Table?

There are many salons out there which overlook the need for a nail art table. These pieces of salon furniture are might be underrated, but offer great use for the professionals. Although your salon must have loads of furniture. But, adding a nail art station is always a good idea. Why? Well, to know this,Continue reading “Does Your Salon Need A Nail Art Table?”

Popular Salon Chairs At Vaibhav Stores

Vaibhav Stores is known as one of the top suppliers of salon furniture in Bangalore, Karnataka. And rightly so, for this popular beauty parlour products store has got it all. From beauty products to salon chairs, massage beds to makeup chairs. One can even find footrests and mani-pedi chairs.  So, if you’re in need ofContinue reading “Popular Salon Chairs At Vaibhav Stores”

One Concealer, Multi Uses – Know What They Are?

Like an eraser to remove the mistake on paper, the same way concealer is an eraser to hide breakouts, pigmentation, dark circles, or any other skin imperfections. Concealers have multi-purpose use and can do the work of several other makeup products lying on your vanity kit. Wanna know what they are? Let’s see whether youContinue reading “One Concealer, Multi Uses – Know What They Are?”

Four Best Trimmers For Men’s Grooming Routine

Are you also clueless about which trimmer is best? or which will work best for you? Grooming is not a cakewalk, but it can be if you have a classy and equally efficient beard trimmer. Beard is one such that will never go out of date. Indeed, maintaining a properly shaped beard requires patience andContinue reading “Four Best Trimmers For Men’s Grooming Routine”

How To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores?

Whether a person follows a skincare routine or not, clogged pores do not leave a person’s side quickly. Oil(sebum), pollution, dirt, and sweat directly targets pores, which leads to clogging them. Clogged pores are one of the causes of acne and pimples.  So, read on to find out the easy ways to clean, unclog yourContinue reading “How To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores?”

Airbrush Makeup Guide – Everything You Want To Know

Are you done practicing makeup blending skills and still not able to find a way to master it? We know it takes loads of effort. But the airbrush makeup technique will make things easy and will also give you the desired look.  Before switching to the airbrush makeup technique, one should know a few thingsContinue reading “Airbrush Makeup Guide – Everything You Want To Know”

7 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Know About

When it comes to chilly weather then cracked, flaky, dry, and itchy skin is the best companion to that climate. To beat the havoc by low temperatures on the skin, Vaibhav stores bring you some tips and winter care products that will surely give mesmerizing results post use. So, let’s begin – Maintain a properContinue reading “7 Winter Skincare Tips You Should Know About”

How To Pick Right Makeup Primer?

Like for a painter, the role plain canvas plays. The same way for a makeup artist, a primer makes a face texture like a plain canvas free of open pores and bumpy skin. It is the reason when one is spending a chunk of money on buying makeup products, primer is a must among that.Continue reading “How To Pick Right Makeup Primer?”

Nail Art Designs To Rock Out On This Wedding Season

Hello people!!  We are back, but this time with another delightful wedding glam up blog.  Hair, makeup, clothes, footwear everything set…Ummm are you not missing something on this list?? Have you counted your nail look on this list?  No worries if you haven’t, add them now!! We are here with some majestic nail art designContinue reading “Nail Art Designs To Rock Out On This Wedding Season”

Hairdressing Kit – Let Your Hair Speak Up Your Style

Wanted to take your hairdressing game up by just sitting at home? But How? Vaibhav store is a house of beauty and is a top supplier of salon products in India. We know what you will need to master the skill of hairdressing.  Let’s talk about the best hairdressing tools from the renowned brands andContinue reading “Hairdressing Kit – Let Your Hair Speak Up Your Style”

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