Are Hairstyling Tools Really An Investment?

Why are hairstyling tools important? Hair is an important part of looking your best. They help in making a great first impression and there’s a hair styling tool for every style. From hair crimpers tools that create just the right wave to blow dryers that infuse shine into every strand, there are plenty of electricalContinue reading “Are Hairstyling Tools Really An Investment?”

Prevent Hair Color Fading Easily With These Simple Tips

It’s a common issue nowadays that hair color treatments don’t last for long. And hair color fading is also one of the many concerns that come along with this treatment, normally starting at the 6-month mark. Many people are experiencing this problem right now, and we would like to help you slow down the process! Continue reading “Prevent Hair Color Fading Easily With These Simple Tips”

Best Hair Styling Tools To Own In 2021

From the Kardhashian/Jenner-inspired crimped hair to flat-ironed locks, there is always a perfect tool out there for each style. But, what influences the styling tools you opt for is the style(s) you like to wear the most.  Here, we have rounded up some of the best hair styling tools that are a must-have for allContinue reading “Best Hair Styling Tools To Own In 2021”

Hairdressing Kit – Let Your Hair Speak Up Your Style

Wanted to take your hairdressing game up by just sitting at home? But How? Vaibhav store is a house of beauty and is a top supplier of salon products in India. We know what you will need to master the skill of hairdressing.  Let’s talk about the best hairdressing tools from the renowned brands andContinue reading “Hairdressing Kit – Let Your Hair Speak Up Your Style”

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