Makeup Brushes Which Are A Must-Have

Most of us just grab a brush and apply makeup. While that can work, it doesn’t always give you the flawless look you want. There are some makeup brushes that every makeup lover must own to get that perfect look. Here are some of the makeup brushes you need to hold true to your nextContinue reading “Makeup Brushes Which Are A Must-Have”

Your Guide To Contour Makeup

One of the things that have been the biggest rave among the beauty fanatics is contour makeup. And why not? When there are popular celebs sharing beauty tips on social media, such things are bound to become a trend, in this case, a most sought after.  What is contour makeup? Contour makeup is basically usedContinue reading “Your Guide To Contour Makeup”

Makeup Sponge – Must-Know Tips & Hacks

Since its invention, the beauty sponge has been a cult-favorite tool for many beauty enthusiasts. And this is not at all because of its cute-shape. It is the easiest way to blend-in one’s makeup and get an airbrushed look. Check out these tips & hacks that will surely come in handy while doing your makeupContinue reading “Makeup Sponge – Must-Know Tips & Hacks”

Answers To Your Common Lipstick-Related FAQs – Part 2

In the previous blog, you got the answers to some of the FAQs, now read this to get some more. How should lipstick be maintained? You can maintain your lipsticks for a longer period of time by storing them in a cool place like a fridge. But you can rest assured during the winters asContinue reading “Answers To Your Common Lipstick-Related FAQs – Part 2”

Answers To Your Common Lipstick-Related FAQs – Part 1

How to find the perfect nude lipstick shade? The key to finding the perfect nude lipstick shade is to figure out your undertone as to whether it is cool, warm, or neutral. You can check it by looking at the inner part of your elbow. If the veins are green, it means you have aContinue reading “Answers To Your Common Lipstick-Related FAQs – Part 1”

Quick Makeup Hacks For Last-Minute Mess (Part -2 )

We are back with the part-2 of last-minute makeup hacks. We hope the hacks mentioned in the previous blog helped you in a way to enhance your look. In case you have missed on part one check the link.   Further move on, let’s discuss a few more makeup hacks to embrace your natural beautyContinue reading “Quick Makeup Hacks For Last-Minute Mess (Part -2 )”

Quick Makeup Hacks For Last-Minute Mess

Makeup is not about a few steps. But to create a stunning eye-catchy look, you should know last-minute agile hacks which are even followed by celebs.    Whether you are a makeup perfectionist or not, you must be aware of crafty hacks to evade a messy look. Don’t miss out these wondrous smart hacks on howContinue reading “Quick Makeup Hacks For Last-Minute Mess”

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